custom made sofas & Lounges Sydney

Bazzato Furniture is a lounge specialist based in the Sydney area, offering Australian-made sofas and custom furniture. Our sofas are designed to suit a wide range of spaces and rooms, with customisable options to ensure you find a colour and style to suit your interior design and needs. Bazzato Furniture manufactures the leading custom-made sofas in Sydney.

Our Australian-made sofas come in over 20 styles in-store, with four being available online: Hayward, Franklin, Newman, and Lennox. Combine these four options with 188 different colours and textures of fabrics available, and the possibilities are endless! We pride ourselves on creating bespoke custom furniture in Sydney, which is why we ship Australia-wide, to ensure everyone can access our exceptional products.

We are constantly striving to create better designs and products, and to offer better services. These are just a few of the reasons why we are the leading custom lounge specialist in Sydney. Each of our custom furniture products is designed, assembled, and delivered by our skilled staff, with a focus on durability, comfort, and exceptional craftsmanship.

Contact us today at Bazzato Furniture to start customising the perfect Australian-made sofa for your home!